Life Coaching for Busy Professionals

Design your future with one-on-one coaching to unlock your natural potential, explore your values, set goals, find balance, and discover your best self.

Experienced, trained, and certified. I can help you reach your life goals. 

Angela Schmidt, PhD

One-on-One Coaching

Personal, Executive, and Career coaching sessions are individualized to focus on your specific goals. Through one-on-one sessions, I help you  create the life you want.

Group Facilitation

Engage a professional  facilitator to promote efficient and effective meetings or workshops for your team or group.


Helping groups attain their best results is challenging. I assist groups in a variety of ways including retreats, meeting facilitation, and team building. Engage a professional facilitator for a more effective event.


One-on-one life coaching can improve your personal life, your work life, or both. Explore possible futures, make new choices, and create the path to reach your dreams.


Focused on growth related to your fulfillment and effectiveness at work, executive coaching can help you grow your professional skills, boost your confidence, and enhance your contribution to any organization.


Career coaching is for working professionals, recent graduates, or those in a career transition. It can also help those returning to the workforce after raising a family or individuals looking for a “second act” in retirement.

What Is Life Coaching?

By definition, life coaching involves a trusting, efficient relationship that allows clients an opportunity to identify goals and make positive life changes.

Distinctly different from therapy and business consultation, coaching is based on the underlying belief that, with help, clients can examine their own thinking and behaviors and learn ways to maximize their own potential. 

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for those who would benefit from having a safe and confidential sounding board. Coaching is for anyone who is willing to set aside time to think and dream. Coaching is for you if you want to explore your strengths, identify goals, create plans, practice and develop new habits, be challenged and encouraged, and become the agent of positive change in your life.

What is The Process Like?

While different for each client, coaching  helps you look inward, teaches you new responses, helps you recognize your old habits and explore new ways of being. During the process I will encourage small but significant changes, ultimately leading to new growth. Before you know it, you’ve reached your goal.

Is Coaching Right For You Right Now

As you consider coaching, I encourage you to read through some of the articles I have created in the section of the site called Coaching Basics. They can help you evaluate the process, as well as your readiness, so you make the best decision for you.

How do I Start?

Once you have determined that coaching is a good fit for you, contact me about setting up a free consultation.

How Much Time and Money are Involved?

If, following your free consultation, you choose to work with me

  • Clients typically begin with a five-session commitment for $500
  • Most clients continue with coaching for a minimum of 15 sessions
  • Each session is between 50-60 minutes via phone
What is a Coaching Session Like?

No two sessions are the same, but they have similar structure

  • Coaching sessions are typically 50-60 minutes long
  • I do most coaching sessions via phone
  • The coaching session, at its essence, is a very deliberate conversation
  • Through guided questioning and targeted feedback, I help clients identify shifts they can make in their thoughts and behaviors

About Me

I believe everyone has the power to create a bolder, more positive future for themselves. With over thirty years of experience, I am a licensed psychologist, a board-certified professional coach,  and a trained group facilitator.

Let me help you find your path and add velocity to your potential!


“I was surprised how much I enjoyed the convenience of having our sessions via phone as well as the flexibility of session times – it really helps when you have a busy schedule and cannot take the time to race to and from an office.” ~Anonymous

“I use the skills that I was taught in my daily life. I have learned techniques to calm myself, focus myself, and be confident.” ~Physician

“It has helped me take action on goals. And then it helped me in other unexpected ways. The processes I learned spilled over into areas of my life that were not a focus of coaching.” ~Laura


Explore how  a professional facilitator can impact the success of your group.

Individual Life Coaching

Are you a busy professional? Discover how one-on-one life coaching  can improve your life.

Executive and Career Coaching

There are many different stages of professional life where executive coaching can benefit people on the move in their life and career.