Many of you may immediately identify with that question while others may need a little more description. Recently a client called because she was having trouble making a decision at work. She described feeling frozen. She had been staring at the possibilities all morning and couldn’t decide between three travel options. The first option was a business trip that would support and develop her current position. The second business trip could help prepare her for the role she wanted next in her company. The third, a convention, would be the most fun and could be a networking paradise. She really wanted to do all three. However, the schedules overlapped. Choosing one obviously meant missing the others. She described a fear of missing out (FOMO). She was working hard to manipulate her family schedule, child care, business responsibilities, and air flights in order to get herself to pieces of each event. It all sounded and felt very overwhelming.

As we explored her work goals, we also considered her family and life goals. She identified FOMO as the root of her problem. She wanted to do everything. But as she said “yes” to any one choice it meant saying “no” to another. Trying to do everything made her feel overwhelmed. Once she began entertaining the option of not going to everything, she began to relax. She began to see the value of making the most of just one trip.
How often do you try to do everything? What is it like to say no to some things? Do you need to say no in order to make your life less overwhelming?
You have that power.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash


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