Facilitation and Services for Groups

Give your group the best opportunity for success with a trained group facilitator

There are many opportunities for both formal and informal groups to hire a trained coach or facilitator. Below are some examples of groups with which I have worked, using team building, brainstorming, strategic planning, and meeting facilitation to help them get the most out of their time together:

Group Facilitation

Whether your group is a small non-profit board, a large city-wide initiative, or an executive team, group facilitation by a trained, objective outsider can help ensure that everyone involved feels included, so the end result has committed buy-in. I have been involved with several non-profit groups as they designed their long-term action plans.  We began with team-building exercises, brainstormed options, voted on the most viable ideas, and set the action plan in motion. Having a trained facilitator conduct the meetings allowed everyone, even the leaders, an opportunity to be a part of the discussion and kept the meeting on-task and on-time.


We all benefit from setting aside time to relax, recharge, and set goals for the future. I enjoy developing single-day and multi-day retreats for small to mid-sized groups. Whether you are a team of nurses who want time together to laugh or a leadership team who needs to develop trust and cooperation, I can help you create a personalized retreat designed to meet your specific goals.

If you are interested in joining a retreat as an individual or want me to design an event for your group, complete the Getting started form.


Perhaps you have already planned your retreat or conference and are looking for a speaker for one of your sessions. I would love to speak to your group about topics such as coaching, self-care, goal-setting, positive thinking, or the benefits of strategic planning for your life or business.

Group Coaching  

There can be great power in joining a group. It can be valuable to meet and learn from other people who are working toward similar goals. Currently I am coaching a small group of women in Rockford. Contact me if you are interested in joining us.


Explore how  a professional facilitator can impact the success of your group.

Individual Life Coaching

Are you a busy professional? Discover how one-on-one life coaching  can improve your life.

Executive and Career Coaching

There are many different stages of professional life where executive coaching can benefit people on the move in their life and career.