As Dad was declining, he began needing a wheelchair.

We would transfer him from the bed to the wheelchair then take him to the bathroom or to the kitchen to eat. We liked having Dad around us, being part of the family and the regular daily activities. So, we pushed his wheel chair throughout the house.

One day after lunch, Mom asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom or straight to bed. Dad answered “Heaven.” At this point his sentences were very short, but his message was clear. He knew he was dying. He was ready to go.

I took great comfort in the idea that he knew he was going to heaven. My sister called for a priest. The priest came and did a blessing.

My sister believes the visit from the priest somehow gave dad permission to die – as if he felt more at ease. I don’t really know. I know it made my sister feel better and perhaps made Dad feel better. Works for me either way.

Shortly after the visit from the priest, Dad passed away. Feb 2022. He was ready for Heaven.

Coaching Notes: In coaching, it is important to meet then client wherever they are in their journey and help them move forward. My sister needed the visit from the priest. I think Dad needed us all to know he was ready. My job was to help them. Let me know if you need help. I can help you with your journey – whatever it is.



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