I must admit I am not a good Christmas elf. As a result, I truly hate taking Mom Christmas shopping. First, she often wants to buy something that I know the recipient does not want to receive. But gifts are Mom‘s love language so I try to be supportive.

We live in the Midwest so December requires a coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. Mom also brings her purse and insists on bringing a bottle of water for each of us. Sometimes I convince her that I don’t need a whole bottle of water for a two-hour shopping trip, but often she already has the water stashed in her purse.

I’m sure you can guess what comes next. Ten minutes into the trip, after our parking extravaganza, I am caring her coat, two purses, and the stupid water bottles.

I know hydrating is important especially as we age but I never encourage her to open the water bottles. For I am sure there would be a disaster. The water would leak all over our packages and spill in my car.  I can only juggle so much. I am not as young as I used to be.  Plus, my hands are now full when Mom needs help getting things on and off the store shelves and racks.

Deciding when to do what Mom wants and when to set limits is always a trick.

Coaching tip: Learning to set limits helps both you and others. It helps you get time back too. If you know someone who needs that kind of help. Please share my info.  https://potentialocity.com/


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