It can be scary to try something new so I have outlined some of the basics about coaching with me that might help get you started.

A Free Initial Consultation

  • Free 60-minute session to begin identifying your coaching goals
  • Gives you a chance to see if you like me and my coaching style
  • You can ask lots of questions
  • No commitment necessary at this time

Price and Commitment

  • Once you choose to work with me
  • I ask clients to begin with a five-session package for $500
  • Most clients continue with coaching for a minimum of 15 sessions

The Basics of a Coaching Session

  • Sessions are 50-60 minutes via phone*
  • No two sessions are the same, but they have some similar structure
  • My role as your coach is to ask questions which evoke personal insight
  • Your role is to look inward and be open to self-exploration
  • Have a notebook and pen available to capture your thoughts and insights

*As one client put it, “I was surprised how much I enjoyed the convenience of having our sessions via phone, as well as the flexibility of session times – it really helps when you have a busy schedule and cannot take the time to race to and from an office.”


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