My taxes are due. I think about them often. As a small business owner, I have lots of receipts to organize and forms to complete. Though I like the puzzle of taxes, it takes concentrated effort to complete them. I can’t just do a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I need to set aside significant blocks of time. I haven’t done that yet but I do think about my taxes often. In other words, my taxes are stealing my energy even when I’m not working on them. As a life coach I need to reframe that. “I am letting my taxes steal my energy.”

I’m not thinking about my taxes in a productive way. The way people might think about how they want to rearrange their furniture or what they want to say in their presentation. Nope. I’m just thinking, “I need to get those done.” Luckily, for now anyway, I am not spending tons of time worrying. If I wait two or three weeks, my thoughts will definitely turn to worry and will consume more energy and possibly create more anxiety. That is when procrastination can really get exhausting. Worry and anxiety can take up tons of space and waste tons of time.

I have a couple of choices. I could quit thinking about my taxes until I actually do them. Or I could get them done. Should I set a deadline for myself? Sometimes that helps. My plan is to begin them this afternoon. For now, I’m doing something they call productive procrastination. I am doing something of value and choosing that activity over the one I am postponing. You see, I am writing a post instead of doing my taxes. Feel free to check with me later to see what I got done. What are you putting off?


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